I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist -Tammy F. Baker

Today I saw the movie “Abduction” with my hyperactive friend. It was pretty cool and fun to watch. Although it would have been better if a certain SOMEBODY wouldn’t  keep on saying things like “OMG why does she get to hug him” Or “OMG that should be MY cheek feeling that kiss”. Well after the movie we bought pizza and went Shopp-ing!! I bought the make-up I’m gonna use for the Halloween party and they actually let me try it on for free before buying it. Then we went to the shoe section but I honestly didn’t like most of the shoes -.- … So yeah as we were leaving in the car we decided to sit upside down. Trust me on this, everything is a lot more fun when you are upside down. Its like you see the world from a whole other point of view LOL.

Well yeah so tired right now. I have a feeling tomorrow’s gonna be one the worst days of my life. Don’t know why, but we’ll see if I’m right 😦 Hopefully not.

And arrgh this week I haven’t done any of my homework. I have this huge essay that I have to complete before Monday, then spanish homework and I should probably start reading this book Im gonna be tested on. This is suppose to be our “vacation”. Isn’t life so unfair? What do teachers think vacation really is? Just because most of them don’t have lives doesn’t mean we shouldn’t either because of them. So yeah I keep saying I’m gonna start all of my work “tomorrow” but this time I’m really gonna start it tomorrow.





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