So embarressed… :$

Just wanna hide my face in a brown bag right now. I was in the living room with my ipod on full blast dancing crazily and singing thinking no one was there.. Well in fact the guy that was fixing the water tubes in my house was staring at me the whole time. Oh my… I turned as red as a tomatoe. And then just layed on the floor waiting for him to goaway and maybe think no one was actually there -.-.

Then I got creeped out cause my mom and I went for a bike stroll around the neighboorhood and the guy that picks up trash winked at me and gave me “that look”. Eeew the dude was so ugly and ughh I’ve been traumatized. I wish I could back in time to see my face. Must have been hilariouse LOL.

People guess what else happened in Nikki’s life??

Well the guy I thought was gay started talking to my on facebook. And was trying for me to guess the name of the person he likes. After no luck guessing who the person was. I start giving him the talk thats its okay to be gay, that he shouldn’t be ashamed of it and that I know a lot of gay people that are really nice people. Well turns out he called me crazy. Im hoping crazy in a good way..Hmm but he finally told me who!!! LOL Sad part I dont know exactly who she is…






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