Girls just wanna have fun!!!

I had an awesome day. I woke up late this morning and actually didn’t do anything til 4 in the afternoon. Then my friends are like hey we should go out to the movies so yeah my mom took us there. We watched this movie called friends with benefits. Half way through the movie my friends whispers in my hear “I need to go pee” and I look at her. She was there sitting with her legs criss-cross trying so hard not to pee. And then I suddenly realize I have to go really bad so we quickly leave our seats to find the bathroom. As we leave the room we find ourselves in a battle to see who gets the only toilet first. Luckily the winner was me sorry V :P. As I’m sitting on the toilet which was actually very uncomfortable, I realize there is no paper as my friend, V, is telling me to hurry up as she really has to go and doesn’t know how much longer she will contain it. So yeah she finally throws me that paper you use to dry your hands. And yeah as we were both finished we quickly went back to see the rest of the movie. Fortunately we only missed a few minutes of the film. When it ended we went to Starbucks and then we went to a grocery store -.- .

And my mom’s yelling at me right now telling me to go to sleep early or I won’t wake up tomorrow :/


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