My Saturday night was awesome :P

My friend  invited me today to her house. I was suppose to be there at 4 pm but I ran a little late taking a shower and doing stuff (hey its not my fault I take long shower I AM a girl). After 4 calls from my hyperactive friend I finally left the house. Basically what we did was talk about girl stuff and then we went to this park and took lots of crazy snapshots. Ill try posting them soon. At the entrance to her house there’s this huge horse statue (Maybe 6ft tall) so we climbed up it and took some funny pictures on it.Remember girl+camera= CRAZYYNESS.  Then we went to the bottom of the neighborhood and we got so creeped out with every weird noise we heard as the road was scary looking and isolated from any other human O_o. After that we made macaroni and cheese :$ hehe. We had some accidents ok, we had a few huge accidents like forgetting how to turn the stove back on and spilling cheese all over but the food came out delicious ;D. After eating we started watching this movie but we never finished it because we went outside and climbed this huge wall. My advice to all of you BEFORE CLIMBING UP A HUGE WALL, THINK ABOUT HOW YOU’RE GOING TO GET DOWN!! We were stuck up there until one of us had the courage to jump off the wall… that “one of us” WAS ME! Well yeah that’s pretty much what we did LOL.


Thanks for reading my blog.. And  FYI sometimes not always, when I put the lyrics to a song its because they have a meaning :P.


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