My day :D

Well today I woke up really late maybe 1 in the afternoon because I went to bed really late last night. Actually I went to bed today(2am) 😮 haha. As soon as I woke up my parents started telling me to hurry up and change. I had no idea what they were going on about but I later figured out we were going out to a friends house for lunch >:o Arrghh they should tell me in advance. I had to eat breakfast  in the car -.-” !!!! Well my dad’s friend has 2 boys around my age. One of the which goes to my school. At the beginning when we were all eating it was a little awkward since we didn’t talk much and would just laugh about anything. After that we started playing video games which I just realized I suck at lol. Then we went on the computer and started messing around with strangers on the internet and playing weird games hehe.

After leaving their house my dad let me drive around my neighboorhood!! Dont worry people I didn’t kill anyone ;D!! I can’t wait til I can drive.

Then I went on an afternoon bike ride around my house. I made the mistake of going out in shorts and a t-shirt cause I almost freezed my tail off!! Especially going down roads with all the cold air hitting me right in the chest. And yeah I dont know what I’m gonna do tonight. Im listening to Miranda Cosgrove right now. I honestly didn’t like her much before but I listened to a few of her new songs and I think they’re pretty cool. So yeah that’s it for now.

Take care,




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