Some other stuff that goes through my mind while at school…

– I hate you all

-This is so useless

-when will I ever use this?!

-If I had a penny for every stupid answer…

– I can actually tolerate this class… wow.

– What the heck is going on?!

– Im so lost but im just gonna nod and smile and say I UNDERSTAND.

– Why was that on the test?! We never learned that?! WTF.

– Arrghh.. Just kill me.. Just…

– Wow my school uniform color so does not go with me.

– How much longer til Friday?

– Why does time go fast when you´re bored and fast when you´re having fun… D:

– * staring at your teacher and spotting all their defects* like I just noticed My biology teacher has two warts WITH A HAIR STICIKIN OUT the size of a nail.. How gross :&

– We have needs!! Can you please understand that!!

–  Wow I can´t believe I just said that :$

– Who do they think they are?! >:O

– I have to memorize this.. I bet if Eminem made this into a song I could get an A+ on it 😀

– Hmm maybe if I say I understand the teacher will just go away..




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