Hey guys if you didn’t know today is stand up to bullying day!!
Everyday many children wake up to the fear of going to school because they’ll be bothering, humiliated by their classmates. These children that are bullied are usually physically or emotionally weaker than the bully and are bothered for many things such as: being different, having a different taste, being  nerds, being gay, race, etc. The victims usually become depressed, do poor in school and start thinking suicide is the only way out.  Any of you being bullied, SUICIDE IS NEVER THE OPTION. This is only a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
As a student, I see the cruel reality everyday of seeing teenagers get laughed at and humiliated for being them-selves and the worst part is other people join in and make it almost impossible for the victim to stand up against them. The bystanders are just as guilty as the person who starts and just because they do what do majority of the people are doing doesn’t make it right. They should stand up and defend the person being bothered. You can start a change. Put yourself in their shoes.. would you be the one getting laughed at? I dont think so.
Bullying isn’t just physical and verbal, it can also be cyber. This is when the victim receives mean text messages, emails, or messages on social networks that embarrass them or make them feel inferior. Do you think this is ok? Making someone feel smaller? I know we all have been bullied in our lives or have been the bully but this IS NOT OK. Its not right for someone to feel this way.
We need to stand up to the bullies and defend anyone you see being teased! YOU can help stop bullying.
“You, with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you use against me
You have knocked me off my feet again got me feeling like I’m nothing
You, with your voice like nails on a chalkboard, calling me out when I’m wounded
You, pickin’ on the weaker man

Well, you can take me down with just one single blow
But you don’t know what you don’t know” -Taylor swift (Mean)

This song shows how Taylor Swift felt when someone bullied her…

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