Well I’m NOT that  superstitious but I am. Like if I had to chose numbers I would always pick the numbers 14 and 24. I like even numbers a lot better than odd ones for some reason. Maybe because I feel odd numbers have a number that is left out and it just feels odd.  Then I have objects that are supposedly lucky for me. Like the horseshoe, the elephant with its trunk up, the four leaf clover, and dandy lions. I have this rubber band that’s shaped like an elephant that I spin around on my wrist before any track meet because it somehow relaxes me and calms my nerves down. I’ve taken that rubber band to every track meet I’ve gone to for nearly 3 years now. I remember I forgot it to one of my competitions and I completely freaked out. I had to draw an elephant on my hand so “my luck would come back”. I guess I have lucky objects to give myself hope and tell myself I can do it. Like every human on Earth we all have a little hope in us and that faith that we can win in whatever we are doing. Now my goal from now on is to stop saying “I wish” and to start saying “I will”…


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