Saturday morning… what to do…what to do…

Ok, it’s Saturday morning and I dont know what to do. So I fuguered I could write something in my post. Well I just wanted to say Saturday’s are the best days ever. You don’t have school and you don’t have to worry about completing any homework assigments as you have another day to so. I was planning on doing some homework, and maybe study a bit for this math test that got postponed to Monday or a little for a biology quiz Im going to have on Thursday. See my problem when it comes to studying is I try to do too much at a time. You could say I’m a multi-tasker though haha. Another problem is when I studying I’m usually listening to music which I recently discovered, distracts me. Well after doing some work I wanna go ride my bike and go out with my dogs.  I have a Labrador and a chihuahua. They’re both completely different. The chihuahua’s cute but gets jealous really easy. And the lab is just always very friendly.

You know what Im in the mood right now for? An oreo milkshake!!! My dad’s an expert in making milkshakes. They’re just delicious!! Probablly because he uses the secret ingredient which only my family knows about…. :p 


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