List of things I hate

Ok so here it goes:

  • When you accidentally spray perfume into your mouth
  • Putting hand sanitizer on your cuts ouchiee!!
  • cats
  • jerks
  • People that are face
  • stupidity
  • Girls that act dumb just so guys’ll like them
  • wanting to stalk someone on Facebook until you realize they don’t have a fb
  • that one person that is clicking there pen when you are trying to concentrate on your test
  • Math class
  • studying for tests
  • books with no pictures
  • bad hair days
  • when you forget to do something you really wanted to do
  • when people talk about you behind your back
  • when people tell other people secrets right in front of you
  • when people touch my hair O_o
  • Braces!!!
  • Long awkward silences….
  • when you start staring at something and realize you’ve been staring at a person for the last minute… creepy
  • when you use a window as a mirror and haven’t realized there was someone on the other side….
Hmmm this list could go on but I have to go and study for my math test!! again!! >:o ughh I hate math.

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  1. 1

    nikkilicious said,

    Im more of a dog person… 😀 😀 Dogs rule!!

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