First Post! Yay!!

Ok so this is my first post on here. I’m probably going to be posting about my life and goals I want to accomplish. Also inspiring quotes and pictures. Kinda like my own journal that I get to show with all of you guys! haha! Well what’s going on in my life right now? Well pretty much what goes through any teenage girl’s life. School-friends-hobbies-and fun. What can I say about myself? Hmmm well I think I over react kinda of like…. A LOT!! Right now I’m really into athletics. I run the 100m and lately I’ve been doing long jump.  I’ve been  preparing for this track meet that’s next month. Hope I’ll do well.

Latley Ive been thinking of what I want to be when Im older. I dont know if it’s just a phase but I’d like being a photographer maybe for National Geographic (pfftt in my dreams) or a marine  biologist. Well Im still young and I’ve got a long time  to think about this. But the idea of working in an office kinda creeps me out.

Well I have to go and studying for this math test.

So I’ll try to post soon.


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